Printer no communicating because not connected with computer. How to setup brother mfc-j485dw wired or wireless on windows 10. Connect Brother Printer on Wi-Fi and print on wireless network.

How to install your printer on Windows 10 by following simple and straightforward steps. Now, make sure that your printer is actually connected to a power source like a wall outlet. Next, make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet.

How to connect brother mfc j480dw printer to computer

 What you want to do now is connect your printer to your PC. You can do that by taking your USB cord connected to your printer. Click that same cord to your PC and so after doing all of that windows will automatically take your printer.  You are connected to the internet it will install the necessary files. It was setup brother mfc-j485dw for you automatically. Now you can check to see, if your printer has been successfully installed. Bottom left corner of the screen right and click this button right. Start button and then you are going to click on settings. Now, bring up screen and then you click on devices and see a list of printers. If your printer brother mfc-j485dw has been successfully installed you should see it among this list. Make sure that your printer that’s actually working and print pages. You want to print a test page. Open any document and then play a test page. Click on file click on print and then print a test page and check to see if it’s working. 

 How to connect brother mfc j485dw to Wi-Fi

Set your printer as the default printer. Why is that important well when you set your printer as a default printer. See that you are going to press something the first printer that will come up as an option is your default printer. So, it makes things really easier in quick to set your printer as your default printer. All you have to do is go right here to the bottom left corner of the screen right. Type printers and then click where it says Devices and Printers. Now go to the section that says printers go to this section in the bottom.  Right-click on your printer and then click where it says set as default printer. After doing that this will be your default printer.

 Setup brother mfc-j485dw with or without cd

Back to the main issue suppose that you plugged everything. You are connected to the Internet and Windows 10 is not detecting your printer. OK, now what do you do and you can’t see a printer in this list. Install brother mfc-j485dw printer by using the CD that comes with your printer. Many printers as you know compose a CD so if you know you have that CD look for it. First look for it and then put it in your play into your computer your DVD Drive. Your CD drive and then try to install the software. If you do that your printer will work and Windows 10 will detect your printer. If you’re not seeing your printer then find your CD playing your computer. Now, install brother software and then it should work. It shows your printer but you cannot find out CD.

 Now, go to the official website of the brother printer. Download the latest drivers and software for setting up brother mfc-j485dw. Find the drivers version as per windows 10 and click to download. You can install that file and then you can setup brother mfc-j485dw printer.  In case you don’t have the CD else it’s quite easy to install a printer on Windows 10. Set up a printer mixture it is plugged into the wall or port power source. Make sure your PCs go ahead to the Internet and then connect your printer to your computer. A USB cord and by default Windows 10 will detect your printer automatically. Thus, Printer is ready to print on wireless network on windows 10.