If you are unable to print your documents properly, setup brother mfc-7860dw wireless again. You are getting faded or streaked printouts or maybe your black ink is giving you problems. May be your documents are blurred and fuzzy, then you just have to follow the steps given below and setup brother printer on windows and mac easily.

setup brother mfc 7860dw on wireless network

  1. Re-install drivers- First uninstall your printer and then re-install the latest software for your brother mfc-7860dw printer. For this, remove your printer from the printer’s list. Now install the latest printer drivers. Now try to print. If you are successful, you need not try further troubleshooting steps.
  2. Ink cartridges– you must always use genuine ink and toner supplies for your printer. This will ensure reliability from your printer.
  3. Appropriate paper usage- make sure to use appropriate paper for your printer type. Ensure that the smoother side of the paper is on the print side. Also make sure that the paper is not wrinkled, clean and not curled from the sides. Make sure to use the recommended paper only as some papers do not absorb ink properly.
  4. Print settings- make sure that all the settings of the printer are proper as it may hinder the printing process.
  5. Ink levels- low ink levels may also be another reason behind this. Replace all empty cartridges if any and then try printing any document.
  6. Alignment- check the alignment of all the ink cartridges. Also clean the cartridges by opening the control panel and then Now click on clean cartridges. 

 How to connect mfc-7860dw wirelessly

If you are trying to setup brother mfc-7860dw wireless network first time, then simply follow these steps to install it properly.

connect mfc-7860dw wirelessly

  1. Unpack your printer and remove it from the box. Remove all taping and packaging material from the printer and the ink cartridge door. Now remove it from the inside of the printer.
  2. Now plug in the power cord. Then try to turn on the printer and open Now set your language, country, time, date etc. and finally click on done.
  3. Open the outer door of the printer to open the ink cartridge door. Remove the ink cartridge and touch only the black plastic.
  4. Remove the tape and do not the ink nozzles. Put the cartridge in the slot and place it properly in the correct place. Now repeat this step with other color cartridges. Finally, close the access door and then the outer door.
  5. Load the recommended white paper in the printer tray after you have finished the unpacking of the printer. Bring out the output tray and then pull up the tray extender. Also ensure that the alignment of the cartridges is done properly to get a good quality print.
  6. Lift the scanner lid and place the alignment page on its glass. Then close the lid. Press OK to scan it and finish with the alignment.
  7. Now install the printer software for your printer. Download the latest software from the manufacturer’s website.

Brother printer mfc-7860dw driver free download

Brother printer mfc-7860dw driver free download

Download and install the latest brother printer drivers as per your operating system version and setup brother mfc-7860dw easily on windows and mac.

Cleaning- it may have been a long time since you last cleaned your printer. Check that the printhead is cleaned properly. You can manually clean or use the utility available.

Color feature- check that the color printing feature is enabled your printer. Check the printer properties to print without any problem.

Drivers- you may have installed two or printers in your computer which may be causing the conflict. For this you may first need to uninstall the drivers completely and then re-install the latest brother mfc-7860dw drivers again from the manufacturer’s website. The steps to solve this fix are-

Brother printer mfc-7860dw driver

  • Go to drivers and then remove your printer.
  • Open control panel and ten uninstall the brother mfc-7860dw drivers completely.
  • Click on run by pressing windows key +R.
  • Now select drivers from the open window.
  • In drivers menu, press delete.
  • Now go to control panel>drivers and printers>add printer.
  • Now click on the printer that I want isn’t listed
  • Click on add printer.
  • Fill in the IP address of your printer. Now press
  • This may have now solved the problem. Try to print a document to check it.