What to do when the brother printer won’t scan to windows, windows 10, and mac.  Therefore, need to check the network firewall setting to see if your brother’s printer won’t scan errors. In that case, download brother control center and troubleshoot printer scanner error.

brother printer won't scan to windows

The printer can be used for printing, copying, scanning, and fax functionalities. So, it is possible to face some errors or problems while working with the printer. It depends upon its usage by the user. Sometimes the brother printer won’t scan pdf, laptop, email, and feeder. It occurs due to outdated printer drivers. A little patience and effort are required to solve the scan error. 

How do i get my brother printer to scan to my computer

There are two kinds of issues – One brother printer connected to the computer but not scanning. Second brother printer says no pc found when trying to scan. Next, first check the brother printer setup WiFi connection or router connection. Below are some solutions listed to fix brother printers  won’t scan errors reliably and properly. 

How do i get my brother printer to scan to my computer

  • To check that printer is switched on and is without any error or problem. 
  • Sometimes the printer goes into sleep mode so you need to power on the printer and connect it to the power plug properly.
  • To check your network connectivity and to use a scanner connectivity tool to do so. 
  • Make sure to check if the printer can scan, print or copy.
  • Check printer can print properly from any device connected to it.
  • Scanner drivers by below provided steps-
  • Firstly click on the control panel section and click on the scanner list and open it.
  • Then to enter the word scanner in the search box provided and click on the scanners and cameras option.
  • Check that the scanner icon is being displayed on the screen.
  • If it does not get displayed, then you need to download the scanner to your computer.
  • The scanner icon gets displayed then, click on it.
  • Check if the scanner driver is working by scanning a page or document.

How to scan from brother printer to pc windows 10

Why does my brother printer say check connection when I try to scan on windows 10. Make sure brother printer drivers are updated and as per pc version.

How to scan from brother printer to pc windows 10

  • To check the IP address of the brother printer through the print of network configuration.
  • List that contains current network configuration along with the network printer server settings information.
  • Make sure and check the settings of the firewall and see if it is causing the problem to perform scanning in the printer.
  • If it is causing the problem, disable the firewall for some time from your computer and try to do scanning again.
  • Check that the brother control center is working properly. By below provided steps one can check

Brother printer won’t scan to mac computer

Brother printer is working but not scanner connected on mac. Follow the steps given below and fix brother printer won’t scan multiple pages issues.

Brother printer won't scan to mac

  1. First to click on the start button and select the all apps option.
  2. Click on the brother printer option.
  3. To select the brother utility option.
  4. To click on the brother center option.
  5. Then, try to do scanning again.
  6. If it does not then check the scanner driver settings and port configuration settings.
  7. Check the network settings. 
  8. Then, check the brother printer name and model if required.

So, mentioned above are the solutions to fix brother printer won’t scan errors. These solutions are easy to understand and apply. So, do apply them to solve this error quickly and properly.