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Why my brother printer printing blank pages. If this error is occurring in your brother’s printer, then don’t worry there are solutions available. Sometimes a problem in the hardware of the printer and software glitches causes this error.

It delivers high-quality printouts of documents and files, but sometimes errors occur when printing blank pages or not printing any blank page at all. In that case, check on the brother control center and verify the error. Sometimes not printing blank pages rather than printing in the white text which is not visible. This error is common in many printers. 

Fix brother printer printing blank pages

Why brother printer keeps printing blank pages

Find the reason behind the brother printer printing black pages with white text. Check the brother printer ip address again and make sure it is correct. Further follow the steps given in the article.

  • The wireless connection is unstable and faulty.
  • Outdated printer drivers also cause printing errors in a printer.
  • The incorrect IP address of the printer is causing a printing error.
  • Incorrect network password which needs to be changed or correct one has to be remembered and entered.
  • The problem with the ink cartridges of the printer. Maybe the level of ink cartridges is low or they are empty. 
  • Low-quality ink cartridges may be installed in a printer. Ink may have dried, that’s why the printer is not printing at all.

brother printer keeps printing blank pages

  • Ink cartridges have jammed or there is a paper jam. The printer is not able to print in colored text and images. 
  • The printer head is blocked or jammed. As the printhead is chunked with the particles of ink that’s why the brother printer is not printing blank pages at all. 
  • The printer settings are not done properly and are invalid. 
  • The brother printer drivers are not installed properly, the printer is not connected to a power plug properly, the wireless network is not working properly on a printer. 

How to fix brother printer printing blank pages

First make sure the printer is connected with the wifi. Next, setup brother printer again on the wireless network using windows and mac.

brother printer keeps printing blank

  1. There is a WiFi connection problem. A printer is connected to a wifi network but not able to print. Maybe the wifi network connectivity is unstable and poor.
  2. The printer is not able to receive printing commands due to lots of printing tasks being queued in a printer. Ink cartridges are low and empty.
  1. The printer drivers are outdated and need to be removed or re-installed. As printer drivers are essential software for a printer and need to be updated from time to time.
  2. The printer is printing blank pages in white text. This can be solved by updating the printer drivers or replacing the existing printer driver with the new one. 


Brother printer printing blank pages mac

Sometimes, need to add printer on mac again when brother printer printing blank pages. Follow the required steps and print with mac.

brother printer printing blank pages

  • Firstly, press the mac key.
  • Click on the control panel and click on the enter key and click on the printer and preferences option.
  • To right-click on your brother’s printer drivers.
  • Click on the remove option and confirm by clicking on the yes option.
  • Then, click on the option if my printer is old enough, help me find it.
  • Printer will be searched and click on the option of changing the existing printer driver.
  • Click on the next option and choose the printer sharing option and set your printer at default mode.
  • Click on the finish option. Now, the error of not printing blank pages will be solved.
  • To check, print a test page.

Brother printer blank pages after paper jam

fix brother printer printing blank

  • To check the printer head and clean it if required. The following steps can be followed to do so and click on the menu button present on the printer.
  • Hit on the navigation button and select the ink section.
  • Then, to click on the cleaning option, and a confirmation message will appear, click on the ok option and hit on the black color option.
  • Next.click on the properties option.
  • Select the cleaning option and select the various shade cartridges.
  • Click on the clean option and confirm your selection.

Brother printer blank pages after paper jam

So, mentioned above are the steps to solve the brother printer not printing blank pages at all. These steps need to be applied properly and carefully. So that you can solve this printing error quickly and use your printer smoothly and efficiently.