How to fix paper jam but no paper in brother printer paper jam error. It occurs suddenly when you are printing from your brother’s printer and paper jams. Find and fix printer paper issues using the brother printer setup on windows and mac. When you still try to print from jammed paper, damage can be caused to the printer. So, do not print when paper jams in a printer instead try to clear it out. The brother printer paper jam error can occur due to various reasons. Sometimes paper gets stuck in your printer when you are printing a document or a page. The error message is also displayed on your printer screen. Users can clear the paper jammed in the printer by checking the ink toner, paper trays, and various other parts of the printer. Sometimes the printer gets heated up while continuously working. You need to switch it off and restart it. Maybe the paper jam error gets fixed.

Fixing brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed

Brother printer paper jam  error when printing double sided. First check the brother printer spooler error and follow the steps given below. By using the wrong paper for printing in the printer. There is a type of paper and a particular size to be used. Using the wrong type of paper will cause the paper jam issue. So, the right type of paper must be used by checking the manual of the printer. Using the inferior quality of paper for printing also causes brother printer paper jam error. Good quality of paper must be used and according to it a good quality of document will be printed, otherwise, it will affect the quality of the printed document. When you can’t get jammed paper out of printer then follow the needful and see printer spooler error.

The overloaded input tray can cause a paper jammed error in the brother printer. There are rollers present in the input tray which can hold a certain height of the paper and overloading it with long papers can cause an error. So use a regular size of paper that can fit into the input tray and its rollers. Loading the paper incorrectly into the input tray causes a jam error in the printer. Loading the folded paper can cause an error. The printing is also not done properly and is of ad quality. So, paper in the printer should be loaded properly.  When the rollers of the printer get damaged. It can also cause the paper jammed error in the printer. The wear and tear of the roller or some other damage caused to the printer causes errors and problems. So, it needs to be solved quickly and properly.

Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed

Why is my printer saying paper jam but there is no jammed paper? To remove a paper jam from outside of my brother’s printer. To check the power plug, connectivity ports, and input tray. Check if brother printer in error code problem. To restart the printer and check if the paper jammed error gets fixed.

  1. To check the toner cartridge and drum units. 
  2. The brother printer paper jam error can be caused by paper bits that are stuck in the toner cartridge or drum unit. 
  3. Need to clear them by tapping on the clear button provided. It should be done immediately to avoid further damage to the printer.
  4. To check the printer for any bit of paper jammed. Check the printer by removing the front cover of the brother printer and let the printer cool down. 
  5. Then to take out the ink cartridges, toner, paper tray, etc. To check the printer properly.
  6. To load the paper correctly into the paper tray of the printer. 
  7. Quality of paper must be used for printing as according to the quality of the paper, the quality of your printed document matters. 
  8. To check the printer drivers to its latest version. It must be updated from time to time to avoid errors in the printer and for the proper functioning of the printer.