Has your brother’s printer stopped working  and shows brother printer error code.  If yes, then it may be displaying the error message on the printer screen. So, this error can be solved by brother printer control center and troubleshooting steps enable us to solve the error code issue quickly and properly. Brother printer consists of common error codes. Find your printer error code given below and fix it by following the steps in the article. Brother 2541 error code list, code ts-02, code 30, code 0b, code 50, code 45, code 48, code 9923, code e9, and brother printer error code 4f. There are many reasons for error printing on brother printer windows 10. Some of them are provided below-

Fix Brother Printer Error Code

  1. The issue is in the fuser unit of the printer. This unit enables the connection of the printer to a paper loaded for printing. It may be due to the heating up of the printer as it is working continuously.
  2. The issue in the laser unit of the printer as the laser beam is not working properly. 
  3. The laser motor is not working properly as the laser motor has become faulty. 
  4. The issue with the main motor of the printer as it is not working properly. All the printing functions are performed by it so it is not working properly. That’s why an error code is occurring in the brother printer. 
  5. There is a problem with the roller of the printer and separation pads. They need to be replaced as they have been damaged. That’s why your brother’s printer is not working properly.
  6. The drum unit is required to be replaced by the printer. As it is unable to print a particular number of pages. 
  7. Paper has been jammed while performing printing on both sides of the paper. So, there is a brother printer error code issue.

Steps to get my Brother printer out of error mode

Some of the solutions to fix the brother printer error code. These solutions are reliable and easy to understand and follow. So, do apply them and solve your brother’s printer error code issue quickly to use your printer again smoothly and efficiently. Check brother printer paper jam error also in cartridge.

  • The laser unit needs to be replaced and switch off the printer and disconnect all wires and cables from it for a few minutes.
  • Switch off the printer for a few minutes and restart it. If the error code issue does not get solved, then the fuser unit needs to be replaced.
  • Uninstall the toner unit of the printer and restart the printer without the toner unit. If the error still is there, then replace the toner unit.
  • Next, change the paper feeder unit and restart the printer as there may be paper jam in the printer.
  • Replace the fuser unit as it has become faulty. The printing quality has become depleted. So, to improve the printing quality, you need to replace the fuser unit of your brother’s printer.
  • Replace the laser motor and restart the printer by switching it on and connecting the printer with a USB cable and wires.
  • Change the fan in the printer in order to cool it down. Maybe they have become faulty so an error code issue is occurring in the brother printer. To identify which fan is faulty and needs to be replaced.