Fix the brother mfc l2700dw offline printer error in the computer, and bring the printer online. No matter, use USB cables, or a wireless printer. Because almost 90% of Windows users experience the “Brother Printer Offline” error.

For example, the router does not work, so the wireless printer has an offline error. Or the drivers may have been corrupted or not installed correctly. Whatever the reason, let’s start trying these solutions.

Steps to Fix brother mfc-l2700dw offline problem

Restart the printer. Almost 50%, The computer problems can be solved after the restart. The same goes for the printer. If the printer worked well before with the same computer. Then follow these instructions.

  • Turn on the printer’s power button.

Why brother mfc l2700dw drucker says offline

Clear Print Queue. When the printer cannot print a document due to errors. Files crash in the print queue. And, when dozens of files crash, the network printer or wireless printers cause problems. Although, “clearly printed works” will solve this problem. However, many technology forums suggest this solution.

1. Go to Devices> Printers and Scanners> Click the installed printer.
You will now receive three options, click “Open Queue”.
2. The print queue window will now open, right-click on the empty area of ​​the Window.

You will then receive an option to “Cancel all documents”, click on it. That’s it, restart your computer. And hopefully, the printer will be back online.