Assign a static Brother printer IP address to the printer. If you are using the printer over Wi-Fi, you may have an IP address problem. Herby, first brother printer wireless setup on a router, it says hello and asks the router to assign an IP address to the printer. Suppose the router has assigned “… 20” to the printer.

After you successfully print all your documents, you turn off the printer. Now someone from your home is connecting windows 10 and mac the router. Since the IP address “… 20” is no longer used with the printer, the router assigns this IP address on windows 10 and mac. On the other hand, your computer remembers the printer by “… 20”. When you open the printer, it will be assigned a new IP address “suppose … 21”. Now, even if it is perfectly connected to the network, your computer will not recognize it.

Brother printer IP address

Where can I find the IP address on my brother printer on windows 10

The solution to this problem is to assign a static IP address to the printer and first, install brother printer windows 10, and connect brother printer to WiFi again. Take a look at the steps listed below:

  • Press Windows + S to launch the search bar. Type “CMD” in the dialog box and press Enter
  • At the command prompt, type “IPCONFIG” and press Enter.
  • This will provide all the details of your network connection on your computer.
  • You can specify your IPv4 address in the description. Now, before choose a static IP address for your printer.
  • Need to make sure that it is not in use by other devices.
  • Enter the following command with a new IP address after it: ping
  • As you can see, the IP address is already taken.
  • Check the target location, which gives us the correct answer. Try different IP addresses until you find one that is not occupied by any other device.

IP address on my brother printer

How do I find out the IP address of my brother printer

Now go to the LCD of your Brother printer to set the required IP address and check brother printer spooler
also. Navigate to the menus listed and change the settings as follows. Also, read on brother hl-l23500w wifi setup

  • Menu -> Interface Setting -> TCP / IP -> IP Mode and make sure it is set to “Manual”
  • Menu -> Interface Configure -> TCP / IP -> IP Setting -> IP address and set it to the address given above ( in our example).
  • Set each field in the address using the OK button to activate the field (a large cursor field appears), then the right and left arrow keys to adjust, then ok.
  • Move to the next field in the address with a right arrow, then repeat above.
  • When you finish configuring the address, click the up arrow until you see “Save TCP / IP Settings?” Then click OK.

find out the IP address of my brother printer