How to setup wireless brother printer mfc j470dw on computer. The problem is that once you’ve received your device, you can’t connect independently on your computer. In the following, intend to explain to you How to connect brother printer on Wi-Fi windows to perform all those tasks.

In detail, how to make fingerprints on windows and mac, using the most appropriate technologies.  How the applications made available to the manufacturer and the Google Cloud Print printer settings work.


Step by Step guide to Brother printer mfc-j470dw wireless setup

How to connect your Brother Wi-Fi printer to your windows by Preliminary operations. When printing over Wi-Fi directly from your windows 10, it is essential that the printer is connected to the Internet. Before continue, Brother mfc-j470dw wireless setup . However, the steps can be easily readjusted for most Brother-made devices because the menu items are often similar.

Brother mfc-j470dw driver installation


If you have just positioned the printer and still need to perform the first installation. Make sure to remove all films and protective tape from the available printer paper tray. Remove (if necessary) the security seals attached to the test supplies (toner or cartridges). To do this, go to the compartment containing the consumables (for this you may need to open the “coffin” of the printing device), starting from the central part of it), intervene, if necessary, on the special release levers, gently remove the consumable and remove plastics and / or adhesives.

Finally, reinsert the supplies and close the printer paper tray. Also check for security locks inside the sheet basket. At this time, if you have not already done so, plug the printer into an outlet (with the supplied cable) and turn it on. First time you turn it on, you may be asked to select the language. After a few moments, the printer should restart again.

Finally press accept To skip the tutorial for the first time, indicate whether or not to download brother printer drivers or updates automatically, and if it appears, ignore the message about the lack of station identification by pressing the close button. If all went well, after a few seconds of waiting, you should have access to the main screen of the printer software.

 Brother printer mfc j470dw Wi-Fi setup

After accessing the main screen, press the settings button (identified by an icon in the form of a hammer and then the red button. After you do this, indicate how you intend to connect the Brother mfc-j470dw wireless setup to the network: Wired LAN, for the wired network, or WLAN, for the wireless network.


In the first case, you should not make additional settings, as the printer should automatically connect to the network.  If you need to manually configure the IP address of the printer, select the TCP / IP item and configure the settings there according to your needs. If you plan to connect the printer mfc-j470dw to a wireless network, after selecting the WLAN item. Select the Guided System item and press the yes button to enable wireless connectivity.

Please note that this operation will automatically turn off the wired network card. It is not possible to use both connections at the same time (unless you are using Wi-Fi Direct, which I will inform you about below). After a few moments, you should see the list of nearby active Wi-Fi networks on the screen. Select the network key and press the OK button again. Once connected, you will be notified by a notification message. If you need to manually configure the Printer IP Address file, go to the TCP / IP section and change the settings to suit your needs.

Note: If it has router that has WPS technology, you can use it to associate with the printer. In this case, you need to press the appropriate button on the router and then select the WPS item (a WPS with PIN) to perform pairing.