How to brother hl l2360dw setup and connect on windows and mac. 3 ways to configure the hl-l2340dw brother printer via Wi-Fi direct setup: simple, very simple, and through the installation of a driver and Brother Printer Setup easily on any operating version.

A very simple way. Connect the device via USB to your computer or brother hl l2340dw Wi-Fi setup wps. The Brother hl-l2340dw Install program should start in which you select “connect via Wi-Fi”. Follow the wizard’s prompts and get a configured network printer. Remove the USB cable and print.

brother hl l2360dw setup

The simple way will become quite simple if your router or router supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). The router must have a special button – WPS and brother hl l2360dw setup. Press it and release it when the corresponding indicator starts flashing. Press the wireless button on the printer. After 2 minutes, the printer should automatically join your network and be ready to print. The hl-l2340dw brother should appear in the Control Panel under Devices and Printers.

Brother hl l2350dw WiFi setup wireless on windows and mac

Brother hl l2350dw WiFi setup wireless on windows and mac

  1. Disconnect the printer from the computer.
  2. Download the driver from the official site or from this site.
  3. Run the downloaded file.
  4. Click “Wireless Installation” for the hl-l2340dw brother Series.
  5. Select – “Printer software installation”. If you just bought this unit, then you can watch the videos about unpacking and connecting the device in the videos.
  6. If there is a warning from User Account Control – click Yes.
  7. Choose Easy Installation and click “Next”.
  8. Select ” hl-l2340dw brother ” and “Next”.
  9. Select “Setting up for printing via a wireless network”.
  10. The installation will proceed and after a few seconds a window will appear asking you to connect the device to the computer via USB and turn it on.

Connect and the install brother hl-l2340dw wireless setup on mac and windows will continue. Follow the wizard’s prompts and get printing via Wi-Fi.

How do I setup brother hl l2340dw manual

How do I setup brother hl l2340dw manual

Printing a Configuration Report. Sometimes it is necessary to print a configuration report if, for example, some settings are forgotten. To do this, hold down the “Cancel” button for a few seconds.

If none of the above methods worked, then brother hl l2360dw setup may have a glitch. If simply turning off and turning on the device after 1 minute does not help, you can and should reset the hl-l2340dw brother to factory settings.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press the button “Wireless” and “Cancel”.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • When all the indicators start blinking at the same time, release the buttons.
  • The settings have been reset. You can try to connect the device via Wi-Fi.
  • Firmware update.

If you have reset the settings to factory defaults, and the printer still does not want to connect, then you can and should update the firmware. The firmware itself can be found here. There is a link to the update order.