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To brother hl1210w wifi setup on the network (this step is before starting the web installer to reconfigure). It is necessary to configure the WiFi router to accept WPS. Otherwise, a cable is necessary to configure the parameters within the Printer.

Configure the WiFi it is necessary to enter the Wireless or WLAN network connections section (depending on the manufacturer) leave all the connection modes available and activate the WPS option. WPS is a method to create a connection between a wireless transmission device and a network computer/client, WPS is a method that only works when used in conjunction with WPA2 + AES encryption keys.

How to connect brother hl 1210w printer to wifi

Once the Router is configured. It is enough to activate the reception of devices. This is done through the physical button of the Router. Which usually has WPS written or uses a symbol similar to this. Press it and between the modem lights. The indicator light in the information LEDs of the modem / Router should begin to blink repeatedly, at this point. The router listening and waiting for the connection of a client. Once this is configured, go to the printer, turn it on and wait a few minutes for the verification process of heads, and rollers, and connect brother printer to wireless network easily.

How to connect brother hl 1210w printer to wifi without cd

Press the WiFi button for 5 seconds, if brother hl 1210w won’t connect to wifi. Until the light of the Power button begins to flash and the WiFi light stays on without flashing. Press the Black and White Photocopy button to erase any previous settings and reconfigure and brother hl 1210w wifi setup. The Color Photocopy button is used when performing the configuration for the first time, As a recommendation, it is better to use the option with the Photocopy button to Black and White.
Once the Black and White Photocopy Button is pressed, the WiFi button is pressed, to verify that the configuration was carried out successfully:

  • The power button does not blink and is On.
  • WiFi Button is on and does not blink.
  • The WPS Led Light on the router is on without blinking.

With this, it is now possible to start the configuration wizard, for this use the connection wizard that comes with the driver package. If it is not downloaded immediately, it is necessary to accept the terms of use for brother hl 1210w wifi setup.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to setup brother hl-1210w wireless printer on mac?
Ans: Make sure brother hl-1210w wifi light flashing and connect to the wireless router. On the other hand, connect the MacBook with similar wifi and go to the desktop system and preferences. Next, click on the add button and search for available printers and click to setup your printer model on mac.

Q: How do you set up a brother HL- 1210W printer to wifi?
Ans: WPS should not be used outside of Home environments as it presents a serious security flaw that can compromise security. If the issue of network security and integrity is important and fundamental, this method should be dispensed with.