Log in and bring your brother dcp 1610w offline to online. A common element today, at times “Offline” state, which prevents from performing print tasks as they should:
This printer pause error is caused by factors such as:

  • Controller errors.
  • Internal printer failures.
  • Operating system errors.
  • USB connection failures.
  • Paper jams, among others.

By following the method given in the article enables the printer to print a document.

Steps to fix the brother dcp 1610w offline error on computer

Fix the brother printer offline issue with Windows 10 Device Manager. Enter the term devices In the Windows 10 search box and in the options that appear, select the administrator. In the displayed window we go to the Action menu and there we select the line Devices and printers: Note: Another option to access this location is to use the following path: Control panel \ Hardware and sound Devices and printers. The following will be displayed and right-click on the failed printer and select the See what to print option. In the new window, click the Printer menu and click the Use Offline Printer line.

Fix the brother dcp 1610w offline manully

The next available alternative is to use your own Windows 10 troubleshooting tool. Go to the start menu and select Set. The Printer line and the option will be displayed Run the troubleshooter. Select the printer in error and the tool will analyze it in detail later we will see the following. Click Apply this fix to make the solution work. Another option to run the solution is Settings / Devices / Printers and Scanners, and select the failed printer there. Tap the Manage button and in the new window, select Run to debug tool and turn brother offline to online on windows 10.

Steps to install brother dcp-1610w and turn online

To do this, go to Settings / Devices / Printers and Scanners and click on the printer with the error: There click on the Remove device option and the following message will be displayed: Download the respective drivers from the manufacturer’s official website.

What to do when brother dcp 1610w says offline

Another reason may be facing an offline printer is due to errors in its printing service and need to restart it. To access Windows 10 services use the key combination + R and in the displayed window execute the command services.msc, press Enter. In the window that appears, locate the service called Print Spooler, right-click on it, and select the Restart option: With these options, again have our printer functional and ready to use.