How to setup Brother Printer to Wi-Fi

Set up your Brother machine on a wireless network and find out the wireless network settings of your wireless router or access point. Check and write down the current wireless network settings. Note down the Network and Network Key SSID Information. Now turn printer ON and Press Menu Button on printer control panel. Press Up or Down key and select Network and press OK.

How to Connect Wi-Fi on Brother Printer

Unpack the printer and download brother software and ready to print wirelessly. First of all, reset the printer settings to factory settings. Turn OFF the printer, press two buttons on the top panel simultaneously (buttons with an antenna and a cross). Turn ON the device. It is required to hold the keys for 10 seconds after switching on until the orange and green LEDs blink. Thus, Connect the brother printer to a Wireless Network Using the WPS Button on the Router. Press the button with the antenna on the printer (top button in the picture above).

Wi-Fi router press the WPS button

Details on configuration the WPS button (in some models it is disabled by default) is described:

  • TP-Link
  • D-Link

Why is my Brother printer not connecting to Wi-Fi

Use a computer or laptop and Wi-Fi or wireless network to  brother printer setup. After the reset, you need to install the software. You can use the included disc, but it is best to download the latest version from the manufacturer’s website.

Printer connect to Wi-Fi

  • Go to the manufacturer’s website using the link, enter the model name in the search bar.

enter printer model on printer website

  • Click the “Search” button.
  • The operating system version is detected automatically.
  • In case, software is required for 64-bit Windows 10 or Windows 11.

computer version

  • Select the required software package – in the section “Driver-Installation kit of the device software”.

select operating version 64bit

  • Click the “Download” button opposite the line “Full function software and driver for the Brother Printer Model”. After the download is complete.

Click to Download the softwares

  • In the window for selecting the device to be used, find the required series of printers and click “Wireless installation”.
  • In the next window, click the “Install Printer Software” link at the top, not the “Start Installation” item (although the latter is larger and striking).

install the brother printer software
Window for selecting the type of installation, put the radio button “Advanced installation” and click the button “Next”.

  • Be sure to agree with the terms of the license agreement (check the box and click “Next”).
  • In the “Privacy Policy …” window, click the “Next” button.
  • The next window, unchecked the “Install Brother Printer Drivers …” Checkbox and click “Next”.
  • Select the printer model and click “Next”.

add printer model

  • In the “Printer connection method” window, select the item “Setting up for printing via a wireless network”.
  • Wait until the software and drivers’ components are updated taking into account the selected settings.

How to connect Brother printer to computer

Wireless brother Printing Setup window

  • After the update, the Wireless Printing Setup window appears.
  • Right now, you need to setup the mfc printer to a computer or laptop with an interface USB cable.
  • Connect the printer, the “Print setup” window will disappear and the software installation will automatically continue and click anything.
  • In the “Wireless Discovery” window, you need to set the “Automatic” radio button.
  • Select the item manually and enter the parameters of your wireless network (its name and password from Wi-Fi) yourself.
  • Press “Next”.

After checking the entered parameters, the program should display the name of the wireless network to which your computer is connected. Press “Next”. The installer connect to the Brother Printer to Wi-Fi router automatically.

Steps to connect Brother printer on wireless network

steps to connect brother printer to wireless network

If successful, the Product Options window will appear. Set the radio button “Disable direct printing”. Only devices on your network Wi-Fi can connect wireless brother printer. (the printer broadcasts its own private open network so that you can print on it even without a router). Press “Next”. After the “Successful Network Setting” window appears. Disconnect and setup USB cable from the Brother printer and computer and able to air-print brother printer setup. Then click the “Next” button. In the last window, the polite program will congratulate you on a successful installation and offer to print a test page and be sure to do this, check the “Print a test page”.

Brother Printer Drivers for windows

How to connect Brother printer on Windows

How to connect brother printer to laptop wireless

Brother printer setup scan to PC and connect the printer with a USB cable to  computer. Click the “Start” button, then in the “All Programs” section. Find the “BROTHER” – folder and run the “Wireless Printing Setup” utility. In the first window, click “Next”. Wait for the end of the initialization phase. Select the options for detecting  WiFi router. Press the “Automatic” radio button, then click the “Next” button. Check the name of the wireless network and click “Next”. After the Successful Wireless Setup window appears disconnect the USB cable from the printer and windows 11.

Wireless Setup window appears disconnect the USB

Steps to connect Brother printer to Wi-Fi wireless

Download the latest printer drivers on the devices and reboot the printer and computer. Now, go to the printer control panel and press the wifi button and hold for a seconds. A wifi light start blinking on the printer and check the list of wifi router avavailbe. Click on local wifi and enter the wifi username and password along wit SSID information.

How to print from iPhone to Brother printer without Wi-Fi

Have an iPhone (or iPad) and want to Brother printer connect to WiFi on your device?  No problem! Again, you can do this with Air-Print. The printing technology built into iOS devices and available in most of the manufacturer’s printers. Both through dedicated iPrint & Scan and iPrint & Label applications.

How do I connect my iPhone to my Brother printer

How do I connect my iPhone to my brother printer

Printing a document via Air-Print, on iOS, is extremely simple. First, open the file you want to print on paper, click on the action (the square with the arrow pointing up). Tap the panel you want to print. Therefore, add brother printer to mac also if needed. In some applications, such as Word for iOS,  need to connect the function menu (by pressing, for example, the (…) button). Tap the print item inside, and then the Air-Print icon. However, tap the printer connected to the proposed panel. Wait a few moments for the Brother device to be detected. Select it by tapping its name. To finish, set the number of copies and print options using the items on the screen. Tap the print item in the upper right to start the process immediately.

How to Brother printer Wi-Fi setup on Android Phone

You can do this in at least three different ways; using the print plugin (and thus the print function built into the Operating System), or using the i-Print & Scan or iPrint & Label applications provided by your brother.

How to Download brother I-print and scan App

Download brother iprint and scan

Unlock the mobile phone, and connect with local network. Open the App Play store and search for iprint &scan app. Click to download the app. Next, scroll down to the proposed License Agreement and press the yes button to accept it.

Press the Select Now button then choose the printer to use, and then authorize the application to access the device location. In any case, tap the printer icon of interest to activate the pairing: after a few moments. List of supported functions on the screen, which varies depending on the device. Close it and return to the iPrint & Scan main screen, press the button.

iPrint & Scan iPrint & Label brother printer


Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why my Brother printer not connecting to WiFi?
Ans: There is an issue in printer drivers, wifi connection is unstable, login details of wifi are entered incorrect,paper jam issue etc. Enter correct wifi connection name and password, install updated printer drivers. Your brother printer will connect to wifi.

Q: How to setup a brother printer to wifi?
Ans: First to power on your brother printer. Press control panel button. Then, select network settings option. Under it, enable wireless setup. Available wifi networks will get displayed. And brother printer will search for network and get connected to it automatically. Thus, brother printer Wi-Fi setup will complete.

Q: How to connect brother mfc printer to wifi?
Ans: Firstly, to switch on your brother mfc printer. Connect it to wires and cables properly. Press the wifi button of printer. Further, to hold the Wi-Fi button for few seconds. And printer will detect the wifi automatically and will connect.

Q: How to setup printer on wireless network?
Ans: Turn on your brother wireless printer. Next, to connect it to a computer. Install correct printer drivers on windows. Further, click on the printer setup option. Choose your wireless printer from the list. Atlast, your wireless brother printer setup will be completed.

Q: How to connect brother printer to wifi network?
Ans: Firstly, to connect the brother printer to its power plug. Press the home button. Next, click on the network settings. Enable the Wi-Fi setup option. List of available wifi networks appears. Click on your wifi network and enter password. Lastly, brother printer connected to Wi-Fi network.